Food and Gas Card Programs

Children's Cancer Network commits $100,000 annually to gas and food cards for families in need. In addition, during the part two years, bus passes and cafeteria passes have been purchased as needed at the request of the pediatric oncology social workers

  • A single father with five children is able to put food on the table and drive his 3-year-old daughter to daily radiation treatments thanks to the gift of gas and food cards.
  • An anxious sixteen year old and her mother are joined by her father and brother thanks to the gift of gas cards that allow them to make the drive from an outlying Arizona town. Now, the family, together, can face this major surgery required for her cancer treatment.


Scholarships are awarded to childhood cancer survivors, siblings, and parents. These funds may be utilized for tuition or books

  • One scholarship recipient is now a child life specialist helping other children at a local hospital.
  • One survivor’s mom is now back in school becoming a nurse with the help of a Children’s Cancer Network Scholarship.
  • With cancer treatment behind them, a mom and her daughter are now going back to school together, determined and resilient.

It is the privilege of the Children’s Cancer Network Board, Volunteers, and Staff to work with families battling childhood cancer. We thank our partners and volunteers who commit their time, talents, and funds to this work.

Together, we can make a difference.

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